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Audition Orchestra of Southern Utah Xun Sun, Conductor and Music Director

Silver and Gold Soirée

Silver and Gold Soirée Silent Auction and Raffle set for Friday, May 12, 5-7 p.m. at IG Winery at 59 West Center Street in Cedar City.


Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Contact Emily Hepworth at 435-233-8213 to purchase tickets.


Live music, good food, and fun await you.


The Orchestra of Southern Utah continues to increase the offerings of live music, but tickets alone cover less than 10% of annual costs and we are hesitant to raise those prices because we want to keep the music accessible for our community. Additional funding is therefore essential to helping the orchestra thrive and your support is much appreciated. We are seeking donations of art, music/art-related services and items of interest to our community members to sell during our benefit. All donations are tax deductible.

Please deliver donations to Whittlestick's (535 S Main St #5) no later than Monday, May 1st.
Those who donate will receive two complimentary Soiree tickets per donated item.


For more information: Emily Hepworth, OSU Manager, 435-238-8213


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