August 4, 2016- Orchestra Musician Auditions

October 6, 2016- Messiah Soloists Auditions (Information at bottom of page)

October 15, 2016- R.L. Halversen Young Artist Concert Auditions (Recorded CD)

November 12, 2016- R.L. Halversen YAC Live Auditions



--Musician Auditions will be held August 4, 2016.

--Applicants must contact the Principal musician on their instrument to schedule a time.

--Any questions? Call Emily Hepworth at 435-233-8213 OR


June 1, 2016

Dear Music Teachers and Youth Musician:

                The Orchestra of Southern Utah is pleased to announce the auditions for the R.L. Halversen Young Artist Concert. We extend an invitation to talented youth (ages 13-25) to audition with concertos, orchestral solos, or original compositions. Southern Utah has a great history of music and we are surprised constantly at the amazing young musicians. This concert is specifically created to honor a teacher, Roy L. Halversen, who instilled a love and legacy of music. We could not imagine a better way to continue his legacy then by showcasing the talent and passion of our youth.

                Performing as a soloist with an orchestra is an unforgettable experience. We also understand how much time, effort, and practice goes into a performance of this caliber. In order to have enough time to prepare, we encourage all to prepare now! A recorded audition of the musical selection, with piano accompaniment, is due October 15, 2016. The concert takes place the evening of April 6, 2017. We look forward to hearing the talent of the youth in this competition.

                Young Artists who are selected to perform at the concert will receive a $50 honorarium, DVD/CD recording, be featured on OSU’s website and YouTube Chanel, as well as an experience performing with a 60 piece orchestra. Past winners have continued on to become successful music teachers, professionals, and leaders.

                CD Auditions should be received by October 15, 2016 with a completed application, audition fee ($20), and a high quality recording. Keep in mind that those who are selected for call backs must be available for the live auditions on November 12, 2016. In order to hear a high caliber performance, please have piano accompaniment for both recording and live auditions. Please see attached for complete Rules and Regulations. Do not hesitate to contact Emily, Pete, or Mandy if you have any questions. We hope you are excited to audition!



Pete Akins

Executive Director, Orchestra of Southern Utah

(435) -592-4266




2016-2017 Dates and Deadlines

Rules and Regulations


Current Dates and Deadlines 2016-2017

1.       CD Auditions: October 15, 2016 (Mail to:)

a.       Pete Akins

Orchestra of Southern Utah

2111 N Main St. #1

Cedar City, UT 84721

2.       Call Backs POSTED: October 31, 2016

a.       Will be posted on

3.       Live Auditions: November 12, 2016

a.       Held in Thorley Recital Hall on the SUU Campus from 9:00 am- 12:00 pm.

4.       Selected Soloists/Composers Announced: November 14, 2016

5.       Photo and Bio due date for publicity: December 1, 2016

6.       Photo and Bio (if changed or updated) for program: March 6, 2017

7.       Rehearsals: March 2, 9, 16, 23, 20

a.       Will be scheduled for only two or three for approx. 20 minutes.

8.       Dress Rehearsal: April 5, 2017

9.       R.L. Halversen Young Artist Concert, “Youthful Legacy”: April 6, 2017


1.       Must be between the ages of 13 and 25.

2.       May perform a Concerto, Orchestral Solo, or an Original Composition.

3.       May not be selected to perform in two consecutive Young Artist Concerts.

4.       Must turn in Application Packet before or by the due date typically in October.

a.       Application Includes: Written Application, Recorded Audition CD, and $20 non-refundable Audition Fee payable to the Orchestra of Southern Utah or OSU.

5.       Must be available for the Live Auditions, in the case of a call back, typically in November.

6.       Must be available for the concert date, the dress rehearsal, and at least three Thursday Evening rehearsals prior to the concert.

Music Choice

1.       Music chosen should be owned by OSU, SUU, or available for purchase.

a.       Music that must be rented MAY be rented by OSU at the expense of the soloist.

b.       Note: Rentals typically cannot be recorded.

2.       Music length should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

3.       Choose 1 movement of the concerto or Orchestral Solo

4.       Original Compositions should be orchestrated to include Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, and Bass.

a.       Encouraged to include Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Trumpet, Horn in F, Tuba, Timpani, and Percussion.  (Also access to English Horn and Saxophones)

Recorded Auditions

1.       SOLO Recorded auditions should have solo and piano accompaniment.

2.       Original Composition Auditions should include a digital recording of composition AND a full score.

3.       Recordings should be made with the best quality possible.

4.       Recordings should be playable on a CD Player.

5.       Must be received by deadline with a completed application and audition fee.

6.       If you would like your CD returned, please send a pre-addressed and stamped envelope.

Live Auditions

1.       Solo Live Auditions should have both solo and piano accompaniment.

2.       Original Compositions will have a few minutes to talk about their piece.

3.       Date and Place of the live auditions will be published at the same time that the CD Audition date is published, printed on the application.

4.       Must be available (typically between 9:00 am- 12:00 pm) for live audition. No rescheduling will take place.

Rehearsals and Concert

1.       Must be available for at least 2 and as many as 4, Thursday evening rehearsals with the orchestra located in the Heritage Center between 7:00 and 9:30 pm.

a.       Note: will be scheduled in advance and may not be needed the entire rehearsal.

2.       Must be available for the Wednesday night Dress Rehearsal the evening prior to the concert from 6:30-9:30 pm.

3.       Must be available for the Performance from 6:30 until the end.

Selected Young Artists

1.       Will receive a $50 Honorarium, given the evening of the performance

2.       An Official CD or DVD (of their choice) of the performance

a.       More recordings can be ordered for a discounted price.

b.       NOTE: If the piece is rented, it may not be possible to record for CD/DVD at all. Subject to copyright laws.

3.       Have an opportunity to be featured on OSU printed publicity, internet publicity, and YouTube Channel.

4.       Will submit a high quality photo and resume by deadline

5.       Will work with the music librarian to ensure that the correct version/arrangement/publication is obtained.

6.       We will be selecting 3-5 soloists and 2-3 alternates.

For Questions

1.       Music Questions: Music Librarian- Mandy Hepworth,

2.       Rules and Regulations OR General Questions: Orchestra Manager- Emily Hepworth, or 435-233-8213

10.   Audition Process/Progress: Executive Director- Pete Akins, or 435-592-4266

Interested in being an OSU musician?


Handel's Messiah Solo Auditions!

--Held the first Thursday of October. October 6, 2016.

--Please prepare the portion of the Messiah that you would like to sing. An accompanist will be provided.

--Schedule a time with Emily Hepworth by sending an e-mail with: your name, phone number, voice, audition piece, and any questions you may have.







Halversen Application PDF
Please click here for the




Handel's Messiah Solo Auditions!

--Held the first Thursday of October. October 6, 2016.

            ~You will audition in front of a panel of 4-5 judges.

--Please prepare the portion of the Messiah that you would like to sing. An accompanist will be provided.

            ~Below are the selections that OSU would like to fill. Selections are subject to change.

--Schedule a time with Emily Hepworth by sending an e-mail with: your name, phone number, voice, audition piece, and any questions you may have. You may also schedule over the

phone at  435-233-8213.

--Soloists are volunteers (Thank You!) and are excpected to sing with the chorus as well.


-Rehearsals for the full choir are scheduled for each Sunday (except for the November 27) at 6:00 pm at the Historic Rock Church located 75 E Center Street.

-Soloists will rotate rehearsals beginning at 5:30 (same location).




Messiah 2016, Chorus and Soloist Selections

No.1 Overture:      Orchestra
No. Recitative, 2 Comfort Ye My People: Tenor
No.3 Air, Every Valley Shall Be Exalted: Tenor
No.4 And The Glory of the Lord: Chorus
No.5 Recitative, Thus Saith The Lord: Bass
No.6 Air, But Who May Abide The Day Of His Coming: Bass
No.7 And He Shall Purify: Chorus
No.8 Recitative, Behold! A Virgin Shall Conceive: Alto
No.9Air, O Thou That Tellest : Alto/Chorus
No.12 For Unto Us a Child Is Born: Chorus
No.13 Pastoral Symphony: Orchestra
No. 14 a,b,15,16 Recitative:( There Were Shepherds,) (And Lo, The Angel of the Lord Came Upon Them,) (And the Angel Said Unto Them,) (And Suddenly There Was With the Angel,) Soprano
No.17 Glory To God: Chorus
No.19 Recitative: Then Shall The Eyes Of The Blind Be Opened: Alto
No.20 Air, He Shall Feed His Flock: Alto, Air, Come Unto Him, Soprano
No.21 His Yoke Is Easy: Chorus
No.22 Behold The Lamb Of God: Chorus
No.23 He Was Despised:  Alto
No.25 And With His Stripes: Chorus
No.39 Their Sound Is Gone Out: Chorus
No.44 Hallelujah: Chorus
No.45 Air, I Know That My Redeemer Liveth: Soprano
No.46 Since By Man Came Death: Chorus
No.47Recitative, Behold I Tell You A Mystery, : Bass
No.48 Air, The Trumpet Shall Sound: Bass
No.52 Air If God Be For Us: Soprano
No.53 Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain: Chorus




Orchestra Auditions


Those interested in joining the orchestra should contact the appropriate section leader:


First Violins:

Heather Wilhelm,


Second Violins:

Rebekah Hughes,



Allen Butt, (702)358-3944



Leah Brown,



Sarah Solberg, 590-5738

Ariel Rhoades,



Michelle Lambert, 308-207-5547




Carylee Zwang, 590-5991


Application Orchestra of Southern Utah Xun Sun, Conductor and Music Director